Are you looking for a specific formula?

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible propolis products. Therefore, we offer you a variety of individual options to provide you with our experience and expertise. Benefit from our private label solution to position your brand or product on the market.

Would you prefer a specific product?

If you are interested in buying a specific propolis product, our catalogue includes a wide range of 100% natural and artisan options. We ship worldwide.

We have been working in the propolis sector for over 30 years.

100% naturals and holistic propolis products

Propol-mel products are 100% natural and organic. Besides, they work in a holistic way in Our Body, which means that they act from the inside out.

Organic food

We manufacture organic, gluten free food supplements made of propolis that are processed by us (propolis tincture, syrup, mouth spray and candies).

Holistic products

Propol-mel products do not only work in a physical level but they act in a holistic way, both within and outside us.

100% natural and organic cosmetics

100% natural cosmetics work from the inner cell, nourishing cells and stimulating their regeneration and restructuring. They lead to real changes that are sustained over time.

Are you new to the benefits of propolis?

Balance, Body, Mind and Spirit with Natural Propolis

  • It is a great skin regenerator
  • It has antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties
  • It strengthen the immune system
  • It improves overall health and emotional balance
  • It acts as an anti-toxic: it is able to inhibit the activity of chemo toxicity thanks to galangin.

What is Propol-mel?

Propol-mel is a manufacturer of goods made from natural propolis for artisan and organic products lovers.


It’s been 30 years since, hand in hand with a small beekeeper, the project that brings us here today started. Back then, this artisan started selling his beehive products in different fairs until 10 years ago, when he ceased his activity. Now, hand in hand with a small family company placed at Els Pallaresos (Tarragona), we keep that same essence alive: to offer artisan products made of natural propolis.

We have spent a decade improving our products and we have already helped thousands of people to take care of their health by benefiting from the properties that Mother Nature gives us. Today, we continue working so that you too can enjoy our products and discover all their health benefits.