Meet the team behind Propol-mel

Propol-mel is a store specialized in products made from natural propolis for artisan and organic products lovers. And, well, why not? For all those who are curious about them. This is how we define ourselves.

We haven’t invented something new, the essence of Propol-mel was given to us, indeed. Over 30 years ago, a small and artisan beekeeper committed himself to something that today is well-known for all of us: entrepreneurship. His professional activity was linked to the collection and commercialization of honey (in an artisan way) and this beekeeper started selling all the products he obtained from his beehive in different fairs. At that time, he also sold propolis food supplements.

That was the seed of what we now know as Propol-me. This is where it all started. Ten years ago this beekeeper decided to retire and it was then when we came into play, the ones who are talking to you now.

Our evolution

With a close bond to herbal products, our small family business located at Els Pallaresos, a small town just a few kilometres away from the city of Tarragona, decides to continue on the path that was once started by a natural-born advocate for traditional works.

And here we are, going further in this journey, without losing the artisan nature of our products. We want to offer the widest range of food and natural cosmetics products. For that reason, we offer a variety of options both for those who are looking for a private label solution and for the ones who are interested in purchasing our final products.

The use of Propol-mel products changes our energetic levels.

Pictures of people have been taken with the GDV camera. This device allows measuring, in a scientific and objective way, the human energy, the energy level of our aura.

These cameras also allow making an estimative approach both regarding the energy level of chakras and their imbalance.

In the left-hand image we can see a graphic representation of the energy levels in a person.

The concentric circles represent the chakras that will mark the energy levels. These ones diminish if chakras are further away from the central line of the image and they increase if they become aligned.

The ones that are lighter coloured and misaligned represent the energy levels prior the use of Propol-mel products and the ones that are darker coloured and becoming aligned are the result of a regular use of our products for a while.

This research has been performed by Xavier Rosique.

productos de propolis propolmel naturales

Crafts and tradition

We sell products with propolis that will improve your health and well-being. We gift natural and artisan experiences for all budgets.

We are ambassadors of traditional arts and for that reason we work hand in hand with organic beekeepers who provide us with propolis and honey of the highest quality. You won’t find any complex machinery here, we are specialists on the natural processing of propolis, as in the past.

Our mission (yes, we have a very clear mission) is to offer our customers propolis products of the highest quality, which maintain all its original characteristics thanks to our artisanal production.

Guarantee and security

Propol-mel is synonymous to guarantee. We must not forget that all our products hold the corresponding certifications in terms of food and cosmetics security.

We have obtained the organic CCPAE certification for foods and the official ACENE (the Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association in Spain) certificaton.

We select the best of propolis for you. We have so many things to share with you. Our lotions, our soap bars or our candies, they all contain a story. Do you want to hear about it?

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